Social Media: Your Branding Multi-Tool

Social media is a phenomenon that has taken off and rocked all of us like a hurricane. For some, it may seem like just yesterday the only way to electronically communicate with someone was through email. Today, we have hundreds of different social media outlets to connect with others. Social media has not only provided an abundance of communication outlets but it has created a new language, new behaviour patterns, it has even changed our thought processes, as well as social and business functions. Social media has changed the world.

Shea Bennett of AdWeek found that the average Internet user has 5 different social media networks.

Average Personal Social Accounts

The number of social media sites held by large corporations is a little bit larger at 178 sights.

Average Number of Corporate Social Accounts

Why is there such a large gap between the number of social media sites held by each group? Is it necessary for a company to run such a high number of social media accounts? This, of course, will depend on your target audience and if you have the manpower to make sure all accounts are being used in the intended way. Your company will want to choose social media platforms their target audience is using. There is no reason for your company to have an account on Facebook just because everyone else is on Facebook. In other words, If your target audience isn’t on there, you don’t need to be there either. You want to make sure the social media platforms you choose are going to be of benefit to your audience, and to you. Choose wisely and make sure you have a strategic plan of attack.

You’ve probably noticed a theme so far. Everything comes down to creating content that your audience will be attracted to and having smart, integrated strategic plan. It may seem pretty straight forward and almost like common sense, but as with all other things, we know common sense is not that common. There are occasions where having more than one account on a single social media platform is necessary. For example, if the corporation is large with multiple locations, each one may require their own account to update consumers with location specific information. When all is said and done, the most important details are the content posted and making sure the account is active and relevant for you audience. Social media is a great way to communicate and engage with your consumers and can result in some powerful earned media. So go forth and get social!